Tuesday, June 26, 2012

[VIDEO] diamond rings: "i'm just me"

"now i'm growing older/i'm getting bolder/confident in my own skin/i just want to come through/i want to come to/i just want to let you in." so sings diamond rings on "i'm just me," the first single from his upcoming new album. after a banner year with critical praise for his debut special affections, the gender-bending, glam, new wave throwback bolsters his sound with a more modern production. "i'm just me" retains the '80s synths and the rich baritone vocals that made tracks like "you & me" and "something else" so irresistible. in some ways it sounds like he's aiming straight for a radio hit, hoping to break the mainstream. while additional exposure is most certainly deserved, his tongue-in-cheek ironic performances and personality might not translate if coupled with a top 40 mentality as far as his music is concerned. but maybe he'll prove an artist can have both and succeed.

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